A brand is as a brand does.

Our Story

Heuristic was founded in 2011 following the publication of Bruce Philp’s second book, Consumer Republic. The book advocated passionately for society’s common interest in the power brands give to consumers. But touring and speaking about it produced a surprising revelation: most marketers want branding to have a moral purpose as much as consumers do. A mission was born.

Heuristic is a boutique consultancy that helps new and transitioning brands find profit in purpose. Experience has shown us that when brands are true to themselves, businesses are more resilient. Products are more valuable. People find their work more meaningful. Customers become advocates. And we think if enough brands operated this way, branding could even make the world a better place.

Who We Are

Bruce Philp

Bruce is a 30-year veteran of branded marketing, and an award-winning author and teacher of how it works and why it matters. A self-described “optimist, with experience,” he leads the strategy practice. You can learn more about Bruce’s experience here.

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Lindan Courtemanche

Lindan’s career in creative services spans twenty-five years, following turns in fashion and film. It’s a journey that’s given her a singular sense for what’s next and who’s great. Lindan leads the creative practice. You can learn more about her story here.

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What We Do

The modern consumer understands a brand by interpreting what she sees rather than believing what she’s told. Now, everything matters. And that’s made brand management an impossibly complex job, with resource challenges to match. How can a marketer integrate the whole brand experience, and still stay agile and in control?

Heuristic is a solution. We support both marketers and communications agencies (sometimes together), primarily on a project basis, to align and amplify the resources they already have. Although every engagement will have its own unique recipe, here are four ways you can work with us:


Brand Strategy

Mission, positioning and character, internal branding, communication strategy, research advisory


Branded Creative Production

Creative production, multi-platform creative resourcing, project management


Project Teams

Bundled strategy and creative production services for special projects, launches, start-ups


Training and Mentoring

Brand strategy coaching for marketing leaders, workshops, agency search advisory

Our Clients

Since inception, Heuristic has provided strategic counsel, creative production services, or both, to these companies:

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    We’re on an endless quest to find the best and most interesting independent talent for our project teams. If you’re a strategic planner, researcher, writer, photographer, designer, videographer, web developer, or anybody, really, with your own special way of bringing a brand to life, let us know you’re out there!